Free Indian Proxy VS Paid Proxy in 2024

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Why Use An Indian Proxy?

As we know, proxies are widely used for purposes such as anonymity, accessing blocked content, web scraping, testing, and more. Indian proxies are no different from proxies in other regions, except that they use Indian IP addresses. By using an Indian proxy, you can access the internet as if you were physically present in India. 

Indian proxies can be used under the following circumstances:

1. Would you like to browse platforms like Star TV, Hotstar, Zee TV, and more, which offer a wide variety of the latest, abundant and free video sources? These platforms are specifically open to Indian users. By using Indian proxies, you can enjoy a wide range of Indian entertainment content.

2. You can access online banking services in India even when you are abroad. That provides convenience if you need to manage your finances remotely.

3. As the world’s most populous country, India has a vast market and attracts global enterprises. By using Indian proxies, businesses can gather the online data they need for marketing analysis. This ensures they stay informed about the latest demands and opportunities in India.

How to Choose the Indian Proxy Server

There are many proxy services available, but not all of them are reliable. To simplify your decision-making process, we have conducted research to identify the best proxies for accessing Indian websites from abroad. Here are some key elements you should look for:

High-speed video streaming: Make sure the proxy server you choose offers fast and stable connections, and then you can enjoy videos without interruptions.

User-friendly operation: The proxy service that provides a user-friendly interface will make it easy for you to manage the proxy settings.

Support for popular operating systems: Ensure that the proxy service is compatible with the operating system you use, such as Windows, MAC OS, or Linux.

Strong security and privacy protection: Choosing a proxy service that prioritizes security measures, including encryption protocols and privacy features, to safeguard your online activities and protect your sensitive information.

There are Free Indian proxies and Paid Indian Proxies in the Market, we can get some ideas about them.

Free Indian Proxies VS Paid Indian Proxies

Free Indian Proxies


Cost-free access

Anonymity and IP masking


Limited security features

Speed limitations during peak usage

Browser-centric focus, leaving other applications potentially unprotected


Enhanced security features

Greater speed and reliability

A wider range of features, including geo-targeting.


Associated cost.

Selecting the Right Indian Proxy for Your Needs

When choosing between free and paid proxies, several considerations come into play. Individual users may find free proxies sufficient for basic browsing needs, while businesses or those dealing with sensitive information might prioritize the enhanced security offered by paid proxies. Budget considerations also play a role, as users weigh the costs against the benefits of the chosen proxy solution.

Free Indian Proxy List Here you can access an updated list of free Indian proxy server online. If you look at the “speed” column, you might think the proxies are fast enough. However, the reality is that unless you are lucky, you will likely face extremely slow connection issues. This is because you share the free proxy with a large number of users, which seriously affects the speed performance.

SPY.ONE: SPY.ONE also provides a list of free Indian proxies. Like all other free Indian proxy list services, there is no need for any form of authentication. All you have to do is use the provided IP and port. In addition to India, SPY.ONE also supports other countries and regions. When selecting proxies from the proxy list, make sure to use ones that offer anonymity. Please pay attention to the proxy “speed” column, as some proxies may be too slow to be usable.

Here are some other free Indian proxy options you might find:

This best India proxy servers list includes those offering both residential and datacenter proxies. While both types have their advantages, we highly recommend using a residential proxy. Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned to devices connected to residential networks, obtained from legitimate residential ISPs. They are associated with real residential addresses, providing a higher level of legitimacy and trustworthiness. However, residential proxies are generally more expensive compared to other types of proxies.

OkeyProxy: This proxy server boasts over 150 million residential IPs, including more than 8 million Indian IPs. In addition to India, OkeyProxy covers over 200+ other countries worldwide. Okeyproxy shares many similarities with Bright Data and is also considered one of the top proxy servers in the market. It is more affordable, with a starting price as low as $6 for 2GB compared to Bright Data. Additionally, it offers a 1GB free trial.

Bright Data: As an established proxy server, Bright Data is one of the leading providers of residential proxies, including Indian proxies. They have a pool of 4 million Indian IPs. However, it’s important to note that their pricing is relatively higher compared to other proxy servers. The cost may be a drawback for some users seeking more affordable options.

How to Set Up Okey Indian Proxies?

OkeyProxy now supports SOCKS5 protocol with residential and datacenter proxies which are very easy to set up. Whichever type of proxy you choose, the process is similar. Here’s an example of how to configure residential proxies with Indian IP.

1. Start by logging in to OkeyProxy’s dashboard. If you already have a subscription, navigate to the residential proxies setup page and click username password then endpoint generator.
2. Choosing the proxy location and session type you need. You can also set many endpoints.
3. The generated endpoints with your selected location India will appear below. You can apply these endpoints to any tool.

generate ip info in OkeyProxy dashboard

The process of setting up Indian proxies may vary depending on the software and applications involved, always requiring your manual settings. Here is a quick overview of how to make proxies work with some common programs:

1. Web Browsers: Set up proxies in the network settings of browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

open your computer's proxy settings
network settings in firefox

2. Web Scraping Robots: Integrate proxies into tools like Apify, Octoparse, Scrapy, etc., by configuring the HTTP/HTTPS proxy list.

3. Data Analysis: Import proxy IPs into Python, R, Excel, or similar modules like urllib or requests for data analysis purposes.

4. Streaming media: Some streaming platforms allow custom DNS configurations that can be set to point toward the proxy IP.

5. Mobile Devices: On iOS or Android, you can either install proxy apps or manually set up the Wi-Fi network proxy settings.

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Final Considerations

Indian proxies allow you to access web content specifically for Indian internet users and enjoy region-specific services that may otherwise be restricted based on your actual location. By configuring proxies to work with programs and devices, you can enjoy the benefits they offer.

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