Best Free Pakistan Proxy Server List 2024 June

Best Pakistan Proxy Server List for 2024

Are you tired of seeing “This content is unavailable in your region”? Fortunately, comprehensive proxy solutions in Pakistan can assist you in tapping into the huge potential of Pakistan’s digital market. The vast network of Pakistan proxy servers offers superior performance, unparalleled reliability, and robust security features, allowing you to overcome geographical restrictions and navigate the network realm.

This comprehensive guide delves into the specifics of Pakistan Proxy, highlighting Pakistan Proxy’s wide-ranging applications and ways of connecting to Pakistan Proxy. Most importantly, we’ll share the best Pakistan proxy server for you, a free proxy list in Pakistan, and offer a tutorial on using Telegram proxy for Pakistan, and WhatsApp proxy settings in Pakistan.

Understanding Pakistan Proxy

Pakistan Proxy refers to a proxy server located in Pakistan. It is critical to allow global users to access Pakistan-based content otherwise restricted due to geographical limitations. This proves particularly useful when certain websites or services are exclusively accessible to users within Pakistan.

Why Do You Use Pakistan Proxy?

The Proxy finds a broad array of applications across multiple sectors. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

1. Market Research

Companies aspiring to penetrate the Pakistani market can leverage Pakistan Proxy to access local websites, gather market data, and glean insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

2. SEO Monitoring

SEO professionals can utilize the Proxy to monitor search engine rankings locally. This can yield valuable insights into a website’s performance in local search results.

3. Content Localization

Content creators aiming to customize their content for a Pakistani audience can employ a Pakistan Proxy to comprehend local trends, preferences, and cultural nuances more precisely.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals can deploy Pakistan Proxy to conduct penetration testing or investigate cyber threats originating from Pakistan.

5. Social Media Management

Social media managers can create more engaging and relevant content for their Pakistani audience and potential customers.

6. Quality Assurance Testing

Software testers can use the Proxy to conduct location-specific testing, ensuring that their applications or websites function correctly for users in Pakistan.

7. Breach Geo-Restrictions

Seamlessly bypass geographical barriers and access essential Pakistan websites, platforms, and data previously unavailable.

8. Enhance Online Privacy

Protect your sensitive business information and safeguard your network identity with robust security protocols and anonymous connections.

9. Conduct Data Scraping with Confidence

Access valuable market data with undetectable scraping proxies, guaranteeing accurate and reliable insights.

Telegram Proxy for Pakistan

Creating a Telegram proxy for Pakistan involves setting up a server that will allow users in Pakistan to bypass restrictions and access Telegram freely.

1. Rent a Virtual Private Server

Choose a VPS provider and rent a server. The server should be located in any country where Telegram is not restricted.

2. Install MTProto Proxy on the VPS

MTProto Proxy is a protocol developed by Telegram for this specific purpose. You can install it on your server by connecting to your server via SSH and running the appropriate installation commands.

3. Proxy Settings in Telegram

When you finish installing, the next step is to set up your Pakistan proxy, which usually involves typing the server IP and port, account, password, etc. for connecting to your proxy.

A. Android Proxy Settings in Telegram
Open the Telegram menu and go to “Settings > Data and Storage > Proxy Settings”.

proxy settings in telegram

Enable the “Use Proxy or Add Proxy”

Enable the “Use Proxy or Add Proxy”

If necessary, fill in the dialogue box with the server IP address, port number, connection type, and login credentials.

proxy details

2. IOS Proxy Settings in Telegram
Open your Telegram app Settings, and now click “Data and Storage > Proxy > Use Proxy”.

IOS Proxy Settings in Telegram

Choose from “SOCKS5 or MTProto” and then enter your proxy’s IP, port number, username/password and tap “Done”.

Choose from SOCKS5 and enter IP address, port, username, and password.

4. Run the Proxy

Save the settings, and run the proxy on Telegram, so that you can use Telegram to bypass Pakistan IP limitation.

Note: If you can not download Telegram, firstly you should use a paid or free proxy list in Pakistan to log in to Google to download Telegram.

Pakistan Proxy For WhatsApp Settings

What is WhatsApp Proxy?

WhatsApp stands as one of the most widely used messaging applications globally, facilitating seamless communication through messages, calls, and the sharing of various media files like photos and videos, all while ensuring robust security measures. Nevertheless, there exist regions where access to WhatsApp is curtailed, either due to governmental restrictions or limitations imposed by internet service providers. Consequently, users find themselves unable to connect with friends and family through the platform.

how to setup whatsapp proxy

To circumvent such restrictions, employing a proxy presents a viable solution. Acting as an intermediary server between the user and WhatsApp, a proxy serves to obfuscate the user’s true IP address, thereby redirecting their traffic through an unblocked server. This maneuver allows users to sidestep censorship and firewalls without compromising the integrity of WhatsApp’s privacy and security protocols.

How to Setup WhatsApp’s proxy with its built-in proxy feature

1. Ensure your WhatsApp application is updated to the latest version on your device.

2. Navigate to the Chats tab and tap on the three vertical dots (or More Options).

3. Proceed to Settings > Storage and Data > Proxy.

How to add a proxy in WhatsApp

4. Activate the Use Proxy option.

5. Set the Proxy by entering the desired proxy address. Reliable sources such as reputable websites or social media can provide valid proxy addresses.

How to add a proxy in WhatsApp

6. Save the settings. A confirmation checkmark will indicate a successful connection.

How to Connect to Pakistan Proxy?

It would help if you used a trustworthy and secure proxy provider to connect to Pakistan proxy servers. But there’s no need to worry, we will introduce the best proxy servers for your needs.
Typically, you need to register for the first step in OkeyProxy, then go through a quick authorization process to choose the proxy type that best suits your needs, residential proxies or mobile proxies. After this process, you can get proxy info, containing the proxy server IP, Port, Account, and Password, and connect a Pakistan proxy to your browser, program, application, or device as following screenshot:

get proxy info, containing the proxy server IP, Port, Account, and Password

Or you can get a free proxy list as the following screenshot:

Free Proxy Server List For Pakistan (Updated June, 14th, 2024)

Free Proxy Server List For Pakistan 14th, 2024

Best Free Proxy Site List In Pakistan

Croxy Proxy

Croxy Proxy stands out as an advanced and free online proxy service, enabling users to bypass blocked websites and applications securely, thereby preserving user privacy. Unlike many other web proxies, it offers support for all types of sites, including video hosting platforms, search engines, social networks, email services, and more.

Particularly notable is its prowess as a YouTube proxy. With YouTube serving as an indispensable platform for entertainment, education, and communication, restrictions on access due to geo-restrictions or web filters can be frustrating. Fortunately, Croxy Proxy serves as a potent solution, empowering users to effortlessly circumvent these barriers and access YouTube from any location worldwide.

croxy proxy

Yuyu Proxy

Yuyu Proxy operates as an online platform, furnishing a complimentary web proxy service. It presents an uncomplicated, swift, and cost-effective approach for internet unblocking to all users. Serving as an intermediary between your device and the desired website, it enables browsing without disclosing your actual IP address. This proxy service grants access to popular websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more, prioritizing user privacy and security.

yuyu proxy

Plain Proxies

Founded in 2022, Plain Proxy is based in Germany. Despite its recent entry into the industry, it has garnered acclaim for its swift and reliable performance. Described on its official website as a web data extraction platform, its core services encompass IPv4 proxy rental, IPv6 proxy rental, and Serp API provision.

plain proxies

Blockaway functions as a free web proxy site. By utilizing it, your internet traffic is directed through its servers, enabling access to restricted content due to geo-region limitations or concealing your genuine IP address while browsing specific sites.

This tool operates seamlessly without necessitating any downloads, installations, or configurations. You only need to visit the website and input your desired URL to access the outcome within moments swiftly. It accommodates many websites, including DuckDuckGo, Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Furthermore, it extends to video streaming platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and others.


Proxyium Free Web Proxy

Proxyium is a web proxy service offering free anonymous web unblocking. There’s no requirement for software installation. Simply visit its website, input the desired URL, and Proxyium will redirect your traffic through its proxy server, fetching responses from the target website server. This shields your computer’s true IP address, facilitating anonymous web browsing and access to sites blocked by geo-restrictions.

proxyium free web proxy



The 4everproxy free web proxy has become a widely embraced solution for effortlessly unblocking websites across all devices, eliminating the necessity for additional software. Functioning as a mediator between the user’s device and the internet, it facilitates anonymous and secure access to online content. Users can divert their internet traffic through the web proxy server, enabling it to make requests to desired websites on their behalf. This process effectively conceals the user’s true IP address and location, enhancing privacy and security, while also granting convenient access to content that might otherwise be restricted in their area.

For More free proxy server lists, please read:

Best Paid Pakistan Proxy Server List

1. OkeyProxy

OkeyProxy‘s extensive pool of Pakistani IP addresses has been carefully selected for optimal performance, supporting individuals and businesses of all sizes.

okey proxy

a. Large global IP address pool: OkeyProxy has over 150M real residential IPs covering more than 200 countries, you get the best accessibility and wide coverage in any area.

b. High compatibility: OkeyProxy’s proxies in Pakistan will help you with various tasks related to scraping and targeted data collection. It supports a large number of integrations, and high access to residential and mobile proxies will provide maximum validity of the data collected.

c. 99% accessibility: OkeyProxy makes it possible to plan and meet the requirements of multiple types of web scraping and data collection operations, combining the setup of residential proxies with complete privacy and a 99.84% success accessibility rate.

d. Outstanding support: OkeyProxy will answer any questions you may have regarding the effective use of residential Pakistani proxies and provide dedicated 24-hour live support and best proxy support anytime, anywhere.

e. Free Trial for New Users: OkeyProxy offers a Free Trial of 1GB of rotating residential proxy server list for Pakistan and 5 IPs of static proxies, anyone who needs a trial can directly contact support online.

High-Quality Paid Proxy List for Pakistan From OkeyProxy

Paid Proxy List for Pakistan From OkeyProxy screenshot 1
Paid Proxy List for Pakistan From OkeyProxy 2

You can also get a 1GB Free Trial of the Residential Proxies Server List For Pakistan From OkeyProxy Now!

2. IPRoyal

IPRoyal provides premium representation services to businesses and individuals who require reliable and scalable online privacy and data collection solutions. Here are some of its key features:


a. Different types of proxies: residential, data center, mobile, and sneaker proxies suit different purposes and needs.
b. Outstanding customization: IPRoyal allows you to select proxy locations, settings rotation, protocols (HTTP/S and SOCKS5), and more with city-level precision.
c. IP address pool: More than 8 million proxies located in every corner of the world, suitable for individuals and large-scale commercial projects.
d. Support: IPRoyal offers 24/7 support with experts ready to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your proxy.

3. Bright Data

Founded in 2014, Bright Data is a leading proxy services provider that offers a wide range of proxy servers, data collection APIs, no-code web scrapers, and pre-collected datasets. Known for high-performance proxies and functional tools, Bright Data is a premium choice for enterprises and large-scale operations. Here are some of its salient features:

Bright Data

a. Over 72 million residential IPs from 195 countries.
b. Option to pay as you go or choose from prepaid plans.
c. Strict policies for acceptable use cases.
d. Complete and full-featured proxy management and data collection tool.
e. An award-winning data collection tool.

Sum up

Pakistan proxy is a potent tool with a vast array of applications. Whether you’re a market researcher gathering Pakistan-specific data, an SEO professional tracking local search rankings, or a content creator tailoring content for a Pakistani audience, Pakistan Proxy can be an invaluable asset.

To set up a Telegram proxy for Pakistan, you need a VPS, install MTProto Proxy, configure the proxy, and share the details. To connect to a Pakistan proxy, use a reliable proxy provider, register, authorize, and select the right type of proxy. Some of the best-paid Pakistan proxy servers include IPRoyal, OkeyProxy, Bright Data, and MarsProxies, each offering unique features and benefits, with high-quality stability and session. A free web proxy list is also available for users in Pakistan, including Plain proxy, Yuyu proxy, Croxy proxy, BlockAway, Proxyium, and more free web proxies.

With the right approach, a Pakistan Proxy can significantly enhance digital operations, paving the way for more informed decision-making and strategic planning.