4everproxy- Free Web Proxy for Unblocking

4everproxy free web proxy

The free web proxy server has become a popular tool, and among them, 4everproxy free online proxy is increasingly recognized by more and more people. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to the topic, helping you understand how it helps hide your IP address, how to use 4everproxy to unblock YouTube, Google, and other video sites, and its alternatives. Let’s get started!

Overview of 4everproxy

4everproxy free web proxy is now a popular tool that can be used on any device to easily unblock websites without the need for any software. By acting as an intermediary between the user’s device and the internet, it allows users to access websites and online content anonymously and more safely. Users can route their internet traffic through the web proxy server, which then makes requests to the target websites on their behalf. This helps to hide the user’s real IP address and location, providing privacy and security, and also providing convenient access to content that may be restricted in their location.

4everproxy Service

Free Web Proxy/YouTube Proxy/Video Proxy

1. Hides your real network identity, allowing you to surf anonymously.

2. Make all websites encrypted for added security.

3. Can be used on any operating system, including Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS/Chrome OS.

4. Full support for video and audio playback.


In addition to the free service, it also offers a premium option, including:

1. Unlimited Bandwidth: The does not impose any sort of bandwidth restrictions in terms of speed or data usage.

2. Custom Application: You can make connecting to our network easy with the application.

3. Anonymous DNS: You can use its own in-house Anonymous DNS service to ensure your privacy.


Features of 4everproxy Free Web Proxy

1. High Anonymous: Compared to other free web proxies, this web proxy assigns a different IP address for each page you visit. This makes it more difficult to track. What’s more, the URLs that appear in your browser’s address bar are only accessible to you.

2. HTTP proxy option: enter your custom proxy in the IP: PORT format. the web proxy will tunnel all traffic through one of our proxy servers and then through the proxy you provide.

3. Double Proxy: It offers the capability to connect through multiple proxy servers. By selecting a web proxy in one location and then opting to use an IP address from a different location, your request will be routed through two proxy servers. This double proxy feature enhances security and further anonymizes your browsing experience.

4. Worldwide Locations: The web proxy has proxy servers in various countries, unlike other free web proxies that lack this feature. You can browse from any of its proxy locations or select the nearest proxy server to your actual location for optimal speed.

5. Easy to Use: You just need to enter the website you want to visit and click “GO.” There is no need for extra software, and it is compatible with any device, making it convenient and user-friendly.

The Upsides of Using It

1. Bypass Geo-Restrictions on Video Platforms: This service allows you to access websites or content that may be restricted based on your location. This allows you to browse freely and access information that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

2. Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity: By using it, you can browse the internet with privacy and anonymity, as your online activities are routed through the proxy server, masking your real IP address.

3. Faster Streaming Speeds: It provides faster streaming speeds for videos. This optimization leads to smoother video playback with minimal buffering times, improving the overall viewing experience.

4. Unblock YouTube: Many people need to unblock YouTube because it allows them to watch videos that may be restricted or blocked in their region or by their network. By unblocking YouTube, they can enjoy a wide range of content, entertainment, educational videos, and tutorials that they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

How to Access 4everproxy Free Web Proxy?

1. Navigate to the website;https://www.4everproxy.com/

2. on the main page, you can find there are “web proxy”, “YouTube proxy”, and “video proxy”. Choose one that suits your needs.

3. Enter the URL of the site (e.g., DuckDuckgo) you want to unblock. Pay attention to the “Select Webserver” and “Select IPLocation”. This means you can connect through multiple proxy servers. If you select a Webserver in one location and then choose to use an IP from a different location, your request will be sent through 2 proxy servers.


4. Click on “Go” to access the site.

switch to duckduckgo

Is 4everproxy Free Web Proxy Secure?

All connections between your browser and 4everproxy are encrypted using SSL/TLS, ensuring a secure connection. Apart from HTTPS, all content viewed through its server is uniquely encrypted and inaccessible to anyone else but you during your session. This means that even if someone gains access to your browsing history, they cannot view the websites visited through the proxy due to the unique URLs generated for your session. Even when viewing non-secure HTTP websites through the proxy, it serve them back to you securely via HTTPS.

Although it is generally safe most of the time, it still poses risks. These risks may include potential security vulnerabilities, data collection, and privacy concerns.

Problems May Arise When Using It

1. Poor Speed: Even if you choose the nearest proxy server, there is a chance that the speed could be very slow. Since it is a free service, there may not be enough funding to maintain and source high-quality IP resources.

2. Disconnections: You may frequently experience disconnections while browsing, which can be frustrating. You might have to switch to another server in a different location, and it may take several attempts to find one that functions.

3. Too Many Ads: This makes sense because it is a free service that needs to generate revenue to sustain itself. However, these ads sometimes obstruct important information, making it easy to click on them.

4. Some Locations Unavailable: While there appear to be many locations to choose from, not all of them may work for you. Each time you use the service, you need to test each location to find a server that functions correctly.

5. potential risks: According to its privacy policy, you will find that third-party advertising partners may use cookies or web beacons to collect your information. This implies a level of risk in terms of your privacy and data security.

OkeyProxy stands out as a more comprehensive proxy solution, catering to users in need of diverse proxy services. We offer a $3/1GB proxy trial, allowing you to experience and evaluate the service before committing to it.


If you use 4everproxy, you can easily unblock sites. It’s fast and reliable for accessing content that might otherwise be restricted. With its SSL, your online activities are protected, and your information stays safe from prying eyes. It’s important to recognize that while it is suitable for basic browsing needs, for more advanced tasks like web scraping, SEO, social media management, brand protection, and other activities requiring high-quality proxies, opting for a paid proxy server can provide an enhanced experience. 


Does 4everproxy support video downloading?

Yes, 4everproxy supports video downloading. You can download any of the videos you watch through its free video proxy. Please note that downloading any content protected by copyright is prohibited.

Can 4everproxy be used on mobile phones?

Yes, 4everproxy can be used on mobile devices as well. You can access it through your mobile browser just like you would on a desktop.

Can I use 4everproxy to unblock Google/YouTube?

Yes, 4everproxy can unblock Google and YouTube, you can also use it to unblock other sites such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

Is 4everproxy free?

Yes, 4everproxy is a free online proxy service. It also offers a premium VPN service with additional features for users with higher requirements.

Can 4everproxy hide my IP?

It can help hide your IP address to some extent, but it may not do so perfectly. It provides a basic level of anonymity, which can be useful for bypassing regional restrictions or accessing blocked content. However, free proxies might not protect you from more sophisticated tracking methods.

Is there any alternative to 4everproxy?

Yes, there are several free alternatives to 4everproxy, such as CroxyProxy, Blockaway, PlainProxies, yuyu proxy, etc. And if you need a premium proxy server for web scraping tasks, social media management, or other important work, you can turn to OkeyProxy, which provides 150M global high-quality IPs with unmatched speed and stability.

Why can’t I open the 4everproxy website?

There could be several reasons why you can’t open the 4everproxy website: Your network administrator blocked it; The website is restricted in your country/region; Temporary technical issues with the website. Your browser settings or extensions prevent access.