Interstellar Proxy Website Links Settings

Interstellar Proxy links website settings 2024

Interstellar Proxy, a project by the Interstellar Network, is one of the most modern and popular unblocking sites and web proxies. This passage provides a complete overview of Proxy and Interstellar games proxy, you’ll grasp why you need Interstellar proxy to unblock, Interstellar proxies unique characteristics, the benefits Interstellar proxy unblocker brings to the online experience, Interstellar Proxy for school, updated Interstellar Proxy websites and links of 2024, and how to get it in detailed steps.

Understanding Interstellar Proxy


We could say that Interstellar proxy is an innovative tool made to create a more secure, more accessible online environment for users. It acts as an efficient intermediary between users’ devices and the Internet network, rerouting your requests by its servers to mask users’ actual IP addresses. Interstellar ensures enhanced privacy, promoted security, and access to geo-blocked online content.

Interstellar Games Proxy

When we talk about Interstellar Proxy, it is already known by tons of people that it is a reputed proxy that provides web proxy services. Interstellar is one of the best proxies with blazing-fast speeds and tons of games, we can even call it the Interstellar Games Proxy, to some extent. Interstellar is also a popular web proxy service nowadays and one of the most searched for. It offers new proxy sites at regular times, as a result of the websites often being blocked, that’s why you need Interstellar Proxy unblocked. According to the latest statistics from Google, the keyword reached more than 1,600 searches, which shows the strong appeal of the site.

Interstellar Proxy For School

How to unblock websites on school Chromebook? It’s a big question that bothers a lot of students, Interstellar is the key. Some experienced students use Interstellar to bypass content filters and firewalls. It seems like it can be spun up anytime and anywhere, thus it is illogical or impossible to block every single domain that it hosts. It is a GitHub repository that allows students to deploy a proxy server on a cloud-hosted server. Since the hosting side can be anywhere, it is a quite tough task to block it.

Key Features of Interstellar Proxy

Fast Speeds: Ensuring a seamless browsing online experience.
Wide collection of Games: Make sure you never get bored of new games.

Wide collection of Games

Tab Cloaking: Make the site look educational.
Wide collection of Apps: You can get almost all apps from Interstellar, by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Built-In Tab System: Make using Interstellar more convenient and easy.
Clean UI and personalized theme settings: You can choose through a selection of themes and change the site’s background image.

Inspect Element: Provide a user-friendly interface to make things easier.

Interstellar Proxy’s unique features set it apart from conventional proxy services, which you can benefit from using it:
1. Global Server Network: It provides a vast network of servers located in various geographical regions. This allows users to connect to servers worldwide, bypassing geographical restrictions and censorship, and providing access to a broader range of online content.
2. High-Speed Connections: It offers high-speed connections that ensure a seamless browsing experience. By routing traffic through optimized servers, it can often provide faster connection speeds, making it ideal for activities such as streaming, gaming, and large data transfers, which improves users’ online experiences.
3. Robust Security: It employs advanced encryption technologies to secure data transmission between users’ devices and the internet. This guards against potential cyber threats, such as hacking and identity theft. With its robust encryption technologies, It offers enhanced online security, making it a reliable tool for secure internet browsing.
4. Privacy Protection: By masking users’ IP addresses, it ensures online anonymity, which is vital for those concerned about their online privacy.
5. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with an intuitive interface, it allows users to easily switch between servers. Which makes it accessible even to those who are not technically inclined.
PS: In addition to these benefits, the Interstellar Network offers a supportive community on platforms like Discord, where users can connect, share experiences, and get support. No matter what trouble you’re having, you can ask for personalized support from it.

Besides, you can get more updated unblocked links by joining Discord Interstellar!

Here’s the Discord Interstellar proxy website:

Discord Interstellar proxy website

Interstellar Proxy Links in 2024

Here are the primary website links related to Interstellar Proxy:

1. Interstellar Network GitHub Page

Here you can find all the necessary resources, files, and documentation to get started with Interstellar Proxy. URL:

Interstellar Network GitHub Page

2. Interstellar Network Discord

This is the official Discord server of the Interstellar Network, where you can connect with other users, share experiences, and get support.

Interstellar Network Discord

3. Interstellar Official Site

This is the official site of the Interstellar Network, providing detailed information about their projects.

Interstellar Official Site in google

Please remember to always use official sources to download or learn about Interstellar Proxy to ensure you’re getting accurate and safe information.
In addition, I will share with you the latest links for Interstellar.

Updated Interstellar Proxy Links in 2024

We are going to share with you three new Interstellar web proxy links of 2024, which are quite good and fast proxies for school Chromebooks.
PS: All the links can be blocked very soon, and then you need the updated new links from the Interstellar site. Or you can choose the reliable proxy provider OkeyProxy to help you get out of the situation!

How To Get To Interstellar Proxy?

Getting started with Interstellar Proxy is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, as the specific steps may vary depending on the platform or device you’re using, it’s always a good idea to refer to the official documentation or guides provided by Interstellar Network. Here are general steps to help you to get started:

1. Visit the Interstellar Network GitHub page: The first step is to visit the Interstellar Network’s official GitHub page at
Here, you’ll find all the necessary resources and files you need to get started with it.

2. Download the relevant files: Look for the Interstellar Proxy project in the repository list and click on it. Once you’re on the project page, download the necessary files or clone the repository to your local system.

3. Installation: Install it following the instructions provided. This might involve running certain commands in your terminal or command prompt or executing an installation file.

4. Configuration: After installation, you may need to configure the proxy settings to suit your needs. This might include selecting the desired server location, setting up the security features, and other preferences.

5. Start using Interstellar Proxy: After the installation and configuration are complete, you can start using it for enhanced online privacy, Internet security, and unrestricted access to content.
Always remember, if you encounter any issues during the setup process, you can reach out to the Interstellar Network community on Discord or refer to the guides and resources available on their official website or GitHub page.

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FAQ about Interstellar Proxy

Is Interstellar Proxy compatible with all devices?

Sure, Interstellar Proxy is compatible with most devices, encompassing Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also supports various applications and browsers.

Can I change my proxy location with Interstellar Proxy?

As a web proxy, Interstellar Proxy allows you to switch between different proxy locations. This feature is typically useful for accessing content from various regions and testing different server performances.

Are there any usage limits with Interstellar Proxy?

Usage limits depend on you. Some may have bandwidth limitations, while some premium residential proxy plans can offer unlimited usage. OkeyProxy provides premier SOCKS5 proxies with 150 million real residential IPs, spanning 200+ countries, and integrates with most devices and usage scenarios. Recently, we newly added 150K+ US native residential IP resources with speed-up bandwidth, and offer the premium residential proxies plan at a huge discount!  

Sum Up

Interstellar Proxy, an online product of the Interstellar Network, is an innovative tool designed to enhance users’ online experiences by providing increased security, privacy, and unrestricted access to global content. It operates as an intermediary, rerouting users’ internet requests through its servers to mask their actual IP addresses. Meanwhile, it provides an unblocked games hub and updates the site almost daily with tons of new games, proxies, and cheats!
After you obtain it from the Interstellar Network’s official GitHub page, then you can install and configure the proxy according to your needs. So enjoy your Interstellar right now.

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