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What are Datacenter Proxies?
A data center proxiesData center proxies usually come from cloud server providers and are used by many users simultaneously, which are not related with Internet Service Provider (ISP). Data center proxies usually contain tens of thousands of IP addresses, referred to someone called IP pools, which are static and sales in IP numbers.
Unlimited access target
Unlimited access target
Unlimited access to target sites in any country/region of the world, without restrictions to perform your business content.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Take advantage of our pool of proxy IP addresses to set up an unlimited number of sessions and get quick feedback in seconds.
99.9% uptime
99.9% uptime
Select from any country/region in the world to keep the same IP address for a long time, ensuring 99.9% uptime.
Use Cases of Okey Proxy
Datacenter Proxies -
Market Research
Break out of the world’s restricted access to websites, collect data on a large scale, and develop business strategy plans.
Datacenter Proxies -
Brand Protection
Help you monitor national/regional website content, timely track and find the emergence of counterfeit brands in the market.
Datacenter Proxies -
Stock Market Data
Understand the global stock market, collect investment information, avoid trading risks, optimize investment programs.
Datacenter Proxies -
Social Media
Create multiple social media accounts to highly hide your real IP address and increase your presence on social media networks.
Datacenter Proxies -
Price Monitoring
Collect real-time, VERIfiable price data in any country/region to keep up with the changing market.
Datacenter Proxies -
SEO Monitoring
Obtain fresh and accurate SERP data, gain insight into global search trends, and develop search engine optimization strategies.
Datacenter Proxies -
Web Scraping
Help you scrape data online without being blocked or for bypassing verification easily under the help of high quality rotating and static residential proxies.
Datacenter Proxies -
Ad Verification
Verify ads localization and tracking of customers. Employ accurate geo-targeted, CPA performance, and verify links with global proxy IP addresses from real devices.
Datacenter Proxies -
Acquire a competitive advantage through scraping trending product data, including item images, description, reviews from eCommerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others.

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