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Luban: One-Stop Overseas Marketing Service Platform

Partners OkeyProxy

Luban is a one-stop overseas marketing service platform launched by BlueFocus. With its rich resources and professional services, Luban has become the preferred partner for many cross-border sellers.

Advantages of Luban

Rich Overseas Mainstream Media Resources

Luban boasts resources from over 20 major overseas media platforms, including Meta, Google, and TikTok for Business. The platform provides clients with integrated advertising and marketing resources. Through multi-platform data aggregation analysis, and asset and fund management, Luban offers comprehensive overseas marketing solutions.

Professional Overseas Training Services

In addition to advertising and marketing services, Luban provides various overseas training programs. The platform assembles a strong lineup of mentors dedicated to helping cross-border sellers enhance their revenue generation capabilities and overseas performance. Whether new sellers or experienced enterprises, everyone can find suitable training courses in Luban.

Significant Business Growth Results

To date, Luban has successfully assisted over 40,000 enterprises in achieving business growth from 0 to 1. The platform is committed to safeguarding the overseas expansion of Chinese enterprises, helping them succeed in international markets.

Professional Ad Account Opening and Full-Chain Services

Luban offers professional ad account opening, recharge, and agency services, covering over 20 major overseas media platforms like Google, Meta, and TikTok for Business. The platform provides clients with one-stop rapid account opening, account recharge, media recommendations, risk control, and advertising services, ensuring smooth ad placements.

Free Resource Recommendations

Luban also offers a range of free resource recommendations to help clients enhance their business competitiveness:
1. Quality Service Providers: Account sellers, single-page website building
2. Advertising Tools: AI editing and product spy tools
3. Informative Courses: COD past live broadcast replays and free courses within groups
4. Value-Added Services: Website building, materials, and SEO services for comprehensive business competitiveness enhancement

OkeyProxy Integration with Luban

Cross-border sellers always need to access and manage websites and platforms from multiple countries or regions when conducting international business. OkeyProxy provides premium proxy services covering over 240 countries and regions worldwide, assisting cross-border sellers in achieving seamless website access.

By combining OkeyProxy with Luban Cross-Border, your business can achieve greater success in international markets. Leveraging Luban Cross-Border's rich overseas mainstream media resources and professional overseas training services, cross-border sellers can enhance the promotion and management of their products or services. Additionally, by utilizing OkeyProxy's high-quality proxy IP services, sellers can effortlessly improve marketing effectiveness and management efficiency. Together, OkeyProxy and Luban Cross-Border offer cross-border sellers a convenient, secure, and efficient solution for their international business needs.

If you need a more detailed understanding of Luban's services, please contact:
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Package Service
  • Residential Proxies
    0.5 USD/GB
  • Static Residential Proxies
    3 USD/proxy
  • Datacenter Proxies
    2 USD/proxy
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