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Manage Multiple Accounts with Accovod Anti-detect Browser

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Managing multiple accounts across different platforms can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it becomes a seamless process. Accovod offers a powerful solution to efficiently handle multi-account management while ensuring security and anonymity.

Accovod Anti-detect Browser is designed to make managing multiple accounts easier than ever. Here are some of the standout features:
Profile Protection: Each browser profile is securely protected, ensuring your data remains safe.
Proxy Support: You can set a personal proxy for each profile separately. The software supports all types of proxies, including HTTPS and SOCKS.
Isolated Profiles: Each browser profile is unique and completely isolated from the others, including cookies, cache, and storage.
Fingerprint Protection: All profiles are protected from being tracked by sites through advanced fingerprint technology.
Walker: This feature helps you create a digital profile on fresh profiles by building up cookies.

Achieve More with Accovod

Accovod significantly reduces the time it takes to manage multiple accounts and maximizes your work efficiency. Here are some areas where its clients benefit:
Traffic Arbitrage: Manage your ad accounts and increase your reach with multi-accounts.
Social Media Marketing: Promote your accounts and products, and increase sales in social networks.
Advertisement: Increase audience reach and sales across multiple sites.
Tired of running each browser profile separately and getting confused by multiple browser windows? With Accovod, all profiles are in one place, just a click away from switching.

More Useful Features

Accovod Browser comes with additional features to make working with multi-accounts easier:
1. Import Profiles: Mass import profiles from a file and export all profile data in CSV format.
2. Cookie Manager: Import and export profile cookies.
3. Automator: Built-in automation of small tasks on websites.
4. Session Manager: Group profiles into projects and work with them conveniently.
5. Share Session: Share sessions with your team members.
6. Mobile Proxy Mode: Special mode for working with mobile proxies.
7. Built-in User Agents: Always the latest user agents in fingerprint.

Integrating Accovod Browser with OkeyProxy

Now that you know the capabilities of Accovod Browser, let's walk through how to integrate it with OkeyProxy to enhance your multi-account management.
1. Log into OkeyProxy: Access OkeyProxy website to retrieve your proxy information.
2. Generate Proxy information: Choose your desired location, session type, and generate format.

3. Generate Proxies: Specify the number of proxies you need and click “Generate” to obtain the proxy credentials.

4. Download and Install Accovod: Visit the Accovod website, download and install the browser.
5. Create a New Profile in Accovod: Open Accovod and click the "New Profile" button located at the top of the left frame. A new window will appear.
6. Configure Proxy Settings:
a. In the "Site" field, select the website for the account, such as Facebook or Twitter.
b. In the "Account" field, input the username and password (optional).
c. In the "Proxy" section, enter the IP address and port, username and password.
d. Click the "Add" button.

7. In the same window, there is a "Settings" tab. Here, you can edit the user agent, system language, and time zone.

Following these steps, you can add as many isolated and securely protected profiles as needed.


By integrating Accovod Browser with OkeyProxy, you can effortlessly manage multiple accounts while ensuring security and anonymity. This powerful combination not only simplifies the process but also enhances your productivity and efficiency. Whether you are involved in traffic arbitrage, social media marketing, or advertisement, Accovod Browser provides the tools you need to succeed.

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