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Mulogin Antidetect Browser Integrate with Okey Proxy

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MuLogin Anti-detect Browser (3-Days Free Trial for New Users) is a multi-login anti-detect fingerprint browser. 

Securely log in and manage multiple accounts on multiple platforms with separate fingerprinting environments, preventing simultaneous logins from being associated with each other, securely, efficiently, and quickly growing your online business. Suitable for eBay, Amazon, Gmail, Instagram, PayPal, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, and other websites.

Today I will share the integration steps with you to get the right integration between Okey Proxy and Mulogin Anti Detect Browser.

1. Run the Mulogin, and enter into the surface. Click [Add Browser] to create a new browser profile.

2. Enter basic information about the profile, such as browser profile name and others.

3. Get Proxy Information from OkeyProxy Dashboard from your account from [residential proxies] -> [Username and password] -> [endpoint generator] as follows:

4. Generate the IP information after clicking [Generate] :

5. Copy and Paste them into the Mulogin profile in the part of proxy settings, including IP address, port, Login name, and password, and [save] it, all steps listed in the following screenshot:

6.  Open the profile and open it to manage your multiple accounts online now.

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    3 USD/proxy
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    2 USD/proxy
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