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Szdamai Browser Integrate With Okeyproxy

Partners OkeyProxy

HuaYoung is the industry's leading cloud-based intelligent robot platform, including Huayoung Fingerprint Clone Browser and Huayang Smart RPA. It is committed to solving the problem of multi-account anti-correlation security operations and providing cross-border e-commerce and social media with anti-correlation, overseas acceleration, and browsing capabilities. Professional solutions such as machine automation.

Today, the editor will introduce to you how the HuaYoung browser integrates with the rotating residential proxies of Okey Proxy and then uses multiple clone browsers.

Part One.  Create New Virtual Browser

Login account,Click[分身](Sub)->[浏览器分身](Sub-Browser)->[新建分身](Create Sub)->[新建浏览器分身](Create Sub-Browsers)

1. Choose the type of platforms:Choose "电商平台"(E-Commerce-Platforms),"社交媒体"(Social Media),"支付平台"(Payment Platforms) 或"其他"(Others), and then click "下一步"(Next).

2. Type the basic information on the browser, including browser name, Browser fingerprinting, IP, and Note. Then Click [提交](Submit) to finish it.

Part Two  Import OkeyProxy IP.

1.  Click [IP地址](IP Address),Click“IP管理”(IP Manager)-> 导入自有IP(Import Owned IP) -> 导入IP(Import IP) .

2. Import IP, Select [导入socks5, HTTP, SSH协议的IP地址](Import Socks5, HTTP, IP in SSH Protocol).

3. Import the Rotating Residential IP of Okeyproxy from its User Panel(How to Get Rotating Residential IP), including Proxy Server Address, Proxy Port, Proxy Account, and Proxy Passwords。一一Enter into the right position.

Choose [直连优先](Directly Connect),[IPv4](all of the IPs from OkeyProxy are IPv4), Lasly click [确定](Confirm), as the arrow and red parts shown in the following screenshot.

On the Page of [是否开启海外IP地址的专线加速](Whether Run Oversea Fast IP Special Access), we should choose the first selection: [开启免费加速通道](Run Free Oversea Special Access),then click [开启](Open) as following screenshot:

Now we can check the ip: and it is successful, and it is from Anguilla. as the below picture.

Part Three.   Link IP Address With HuaYoung Browser.

1. Return the [IP地址], Find the IP List from Anguilla,then click [立即绑定](Link Now) to link IP with virtual browser

2. Choose [其他] (others) as platform, Then select [gmail-2](the browser we created before), then click [确定](Confirm).

3. Check the status of the link between the IP and virtual browser as follows

4. Enter into [gmail-2] virtual brower, Click [打开浏览器] (Open the Brower) to run it.

5. Lastly, we can get the checked status gmail-2 virtual browser, its IP address is from Anguilla, and the status of browser fingerprint, IP address, and visit quality is safe as the picture shown below:

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