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Mbbrowser Fingerprint Browser - One of The Best Anti-detect Browsers

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A fingerprint browser is a tool developed based on browser fingerprint technology. It can simulate different browser environments and fingerprint information, and realize simultaneous login and management of multiple accounts. This technology not only improves account security but also significantly reduces the risk of account bans. Therefore, fingerprint browsers quickly attracted widespread attention and applications.

Among many fingerprint browser manufacturers, MBbrowser stands out. This is a fingerprint browser designed to prevent association between multiple accounts. It provides an independent browser operating environment for each account to ensure that the accounts are not associated with each other. It prevents any website from reading the user's real fingerprint information by modifying the browser fingerprint, thereby preventing tracking. It perfectly replaces traditional account association prevention methods such as VPS and virtual machines and solves the usage scenario of one computer logging in and operating multiple accounts at the same time. It is suitable for cross-border e-commerce multi-store operations, overseas shopping, affiliate advertising alliances, SEO optimization, social media marketing, and other industry applications.

1. The main functions of Mbbrowser:

A. Modify the browser fingerprint: including operating system, browser version, language, font, resolution, time zone, and other information.
B. Independent operating environment: Each account runs in an independent browser environment and is not related to each other.
C. Team collaboration: Supports the main account to assign sub-account permissions, and team members can collaboratively manage multiple accounts.
D. Batch operations: Supports batch creation, import, and export of accounts, batch login, and account operation.

2. Several major features of Mbbrowser:

A. Security: It uses advanced national military-grade encryption technology to protect user privacy and data security. Supports HTTPS encryption protocol and multi-factor authentication to ensure user security when accessing the website. In addition, it has a malicious website blocking function to effectively prevent users from accessing malicious websites.

B. Convenience: It provides one-click login, quick account switching, and other functions, making it more convenient for users to browse the web. Supports a variety of browser extensions to meet different needs. At the same time, it supports multi-platform use, such as Windows system, Mac, iPhone, Linux, Android, etc. Provides overseas mainstream language interface versions, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Korean, etc.

C. Strong after-sales customer service team: The professional after-sales customer service team provides 7/24 hours of online service. Users can contact the customer service team at any time if they encounter problems to obtain timely solutions. It also provides regular updates and upgrade services to ensure that users always enjoy the best experience.

3. Advantages of Integrating MBBrowser and OkeyProxy

As the world's leading proxy service provider, OkeyProxy has more than 150 million real residential IPs, covering more than 200 countries. Its precise targeting options, diverse use cases, user-friendly interface and reliability make it the Socks5 residential proxy of choice, providing an efficient and effective solution for a wide range of user needs.

1. Enhanced privacy protection: Migratory Bird Fingerprint Browser can simulate different browser environments and fingerprint information to improve account security and privacy protection. Combined with OkeyProxy’s high-quality residential proxy services, users can further hide their true IP address and enhance their online anonymity.

2. Multi-account management and anti-correlation: Migratory Bird Fingerprint Browser is suitable for multi-account management to ensure that accounts are not related to each other. Combined with OkeyProxy's proxy service, users can assign independent IP addresses to different accounts, effectively preventing account association from being detected.

3. Global coverage and positioning options: OkeyProxy has more than 150 million real residential IPs covering more than 200 countries, providing precise positioning options. Combined with the Migratory Bird Fingerprint Browser, users can select IP addresses in specific geographical locations to meet the needs of different regions.

4. Comprehensive solution: Combining Migratory Bird Fingerprint Browser and OkeyProxy, users can obtain a comprehensive solution while enjoying efficient multi-account management, privacy protection and geo-location functions, improving the security and convenience of online experience.

4. Steps to use MBbrowser Browser

A. Log in to the main interface and click "New Environment Configuration".

B. A new environment window pops up for configuration, fill in the configuration name, select the system, select the resolution, select the proxy method, fill in the IP information, detect the proxy (time zone, country, language, and other information will be automatically matched based on the IP), and in the WebRTC fingerprint Check "Automatically identify proxy IP". Finally, click "Create Environment".

C. After the creation is completed, the newly created environment will appear in the environment list of the main interface. Click the "Run" button to run the environment, and the Chrome browser will pop up to start browsing.

Overall, Mbbrowser stands out for its security, convenience, and strong after-sales customer service team. Users can create and run the environment through simple steps to achieve multi-account management and anti-correlation operations. The browser offers a variety of features while using advanced encryption technology to protect user privacy and data security. With its convenient operation and multi-platform support, users can easily operate multiple accounts and enjoy the best experience.

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