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How to integrate ixbrowser with okey proxy

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ixBrowser, the permanently free anti-detect browser that revolutionizes your online experience. Our cutting-edge fingerprint isolation technology ensures an exceptional pass rate when tested against third-party detection websites such as Pixelscan and Iphey. Whether you're an international e-commerce professional or an online marketer, ixBrowser empowers you to effortlessly manage multiple independent accounts while evading platform detection and bans.

Additionally, ixBrowser enables users to create unlimited independent profiles and invite team members at no cost. This feature not only streamlines your operations but also significantly reduces both operating costs and time investment. Embrace ixBrowser today and unlock a new level of freedom and efficiency in your online endeavors.

Today editor will show you how to integrate ixbrowser with okeyproxy step by step as follows:

1. Create New Browser Profile as following steps: [Browser Profile]-> [Profile List] -> [Create Profile] -> [Continue to Create].

2. Type Browser Information, it includes [Platform](as your needs) ->[Profile Title] ->[Select Group] -> [Next Step]

3. Proxy Configuration.

Get Rotating Residential Proxy IP from OkeyProxy and type it into IXbrower As following steps, [Proxy Type]: SOCKS5.

[Proxy Host]: Type in Proxy Address: and [Proxy Port]: 31**** from OkeyProxy.

The following steps are entering into [Proxy Account] and [Proxy Password] as the screenshot shows.

Lastly, Click [Create].

4. Open the browser.

5. Finally, we can get the Browser information, such as IP address from United Arab Dubai, Emirates and User Agent: [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36.]

 as the following screenshot:

Finally, you can start to create more virtual browser profiles to link with Okeyproxy IP and manage multiple accounts online now.

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