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How to Extract Rotating Residential IP Through Tunnel Forwarding On PC?

Tutorial OkeyProxy

1. Open the OkeyProxy official website, register an account, and log in, then click on [Proxies], [Residential Proxies]. Purchase the one you need.

2. Choose the appropriate payment method to pay.

3. Enter the dashboard, click on [Residential Proxies] - [Endpoint Builder].

4、Select the Authentication Method and the Location according to the needs.

5、Select the Session Type: Rotation and Stickiness.

6、Select the generation format of the number of proxies (integrate between 1-1000) in the Proxy List.

7、After clicking [Generate], you can download and copy the command.

8、Now open [Computer] [Settings] - [Proxy], turn on[Use a proxy server] enter the IP address and port and click on save.

9、Now you can visit the website. When visiting the website, you need to enter the [User Name] and [Password] in your proxy list and click on  [Sign in].

10、Now open Google and search for the IP address~

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    0.72 美元/GB起
  • 静态住宅代理
    3 美元/IP/月
  • 数据中心代理
    8.9 美元/IP/月
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