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911s5 Proxy Alternatives

Proxy OkeyProxy

1. The 911 Socks5 Proxy Stop its Online Business.

Regarded as the largest SOCKS5 proxy in the global market, the 911s5 proxy ( has officially closed its website since the 28th of July, 2022. The closure was attributed to a cyber attack by hackers, as stated in their official disclaimer. This abrupt shutdown has caused significant inconvenience for its users, Many of whom have inadvertently lost substantial money—ranging from a few dollars to thousands or more—in their accounts. These users are now actively seeking a viable alternative for a SOCKS5 residential proxy. This alternative is crucial for their continued online activities, including Social Media Accounts Management, eCommerce, Data Scraping, Tickets, SERP and more.

2. Alternative to 911 Proxy - Okey Proxy.

Stepping into the void left by 911s5 proxy is Okey Proxy, an optimal substitute. Introduced in 2019, Okey Proxy boasts an extensive IP pool consisting of residential proxies from over 200 countries. It effectively mirrors the features of the now-defunct 911 proxy while also surpassing its capabilities in the realm of Residential Proxy Service. This superiority encompasses crucial aspects such as compatibility with major fingerprint browsers, APIs, and third-party software robots. Moreover, Okey Proxy offers advanced functionalities like precise country and city targeting for IP geolocation. The service supports server forwarding. Notably, Okey Proxy operates seamlessly across various Windows versions and Mobile device operating systems. This app includes compatibility with popular platforms such as Shadowrocket for iOS and V2rayNG for Android. Okey Proxy's emergence was a response to necessity, much like 911s5 Proxy. It amasses an extensive collection of clean and high-speed rotating and static residential proxies. The user experience is further enriched through a user-friendly web version and a bilingual (Chinese and English) user panel. Consequently, Okey Proxy emerges as the ideal alternative to 911 Socks5 proxies.

3. The Best 911s5 Proxy Alternative - OkeyProxy

Numerous users yearn for 911 proxy's ability to access overseas dynamic and static residential proxy IPs with optimal anonymity and stability. While many proxy sites now promise such IP addresses, not all can deliver a plethora of pristine rotating or static residential IPs. Enter Okey Proxy, which equips users with an unparalleled 150 million residential proxy IP addresses with rotation and stickiness sessions hailing from over 200 countries and regions. The service employs a stringent filter mechanism to eliminate underperforming IPs while continually introducing fresh and untarnished proxy IPs.

We can get more details about the difference between Okey Proxy and 911s5 Proxy in following table:

Classification OKEY PROXY 911 PROXY
IP Number 150M+ IPs Not specified
IP Type Residential/DataCenter IP Residential IP
Proxy Protocol Socks5/HTTP(s) Socks5
Country Coverage Number 200+ Countries 190+ Countries
IP Session Rotation/Sticky Session No
Locating country/city/ country/city
Forwarding Method Server Forwarding Ports Forwarding
OS Compatibility Windows/Android/IOS/MacOS Windows
Client Or Backend Backend Client
Firewall No Yes
Payment Methods Paypal/CreditCard/Alipay/Crypto Currency Crypto Currency

Lastly, Okey Proxy inherits over 150 million SOCKS5 residential proxies like 911s5 Proxy.

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  • 动态住宅代理
    0.5 美元/GB起
  • 静态住宅代理
    3 美元/IP/月
  • 数据中心代理
    2 美元/IP/月



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